Board Members and Committees

Who are we?

The Board of Directors for Swimming New Brunswick/Natation Nouveau-Brunswick is made of up 7 volunteer members elected for a 2-year term by the membership at large. Elections are held at each Annual General Meeting for the term starting the season of the election.

A call for nominations to the Board, will be made on the third Monday of August of each calendar year. Persons interested in sitting on the Board of Directors are asked to complete the nomination form at the link below and include a short bio/ expression of interests.

Nominations are now open for 2023-2025 – please go to the AGM and Registration page for details and submit a declaration.

The Objectives of the Board of Directors (section 1.04 of the Constitution)

  • To promote, foster, teach and perpetuate the art and sport of swimming and to encourage training for competition, self-development, leadership and sportsmanship in the field of amateur swimming;
  • To establish, publish, and enforce laws, rules and regulations governing the amateur sport of swimming and the conduct of amateur swimming competitions under its jurisdiction, and to deal with any infringements thereof;
  • To promote, encourage and maintain among its members, and others, an interest in amateur swimming
  • To stimulate public opinion in favour of providing proper accommodation, adequate facilities, and sufficient opportunities for acquiring, practising and developing the highest standards of the art and amateur sport of swimming; and
  • To promote swimming as a means of healthful exercise for a broad cross-section of the community and as a means for providing the physical fitness of the general population.
  • The organization shall operate at no pecuniary gain for its members.

Left to Right:  Marwen Ghali, Tanya Riordon, Jodie Lowe, Paula Stewart, Annie Robichaud, France Comeau, Gordonna Hache, Stephen Wyatt

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Role Email Contact Name Term end date
President Annie Robichaud Oct 2024
Vice President France Comeau Oct 2024
Secretary Gordonna Hache Oct 2024
Treasurer Jodie Lowe Oct 2024
Technical Director Paula Stewart Oct 2023
Director Stephen Wyatt Resigned
Director Tanya Riordon Resigned