September 30 & October 1, 2023

SwimNB Annual Celebration & AGM

Hotel Wingate Dieppe 69 rue du Marché, Dieppe, NB

Head to Head Swimmer Registration

AGM 2023 Swimmer Registration Form

Registrations are due on or before September 22, 2023.

AGM 2023 Swimmer Registration Form

Swimmer names attending the pool session of the AGM weekend.

Name of Club Coach(Required)

Swimmer Information

Please use the field below to confirm the name of the swimmers from your club who are attending the Head to Head session. For a list of eligible swimmers, please see the list below.
Enter the swimmers name who will be attending the Head to Head session. If you are changing a previous submission. Enter: ADD swimmer name, or REMOVE swimmer name.

Athlete Celebration Banquet

AGM 2023 Banquet Registration

Registration for banquet is now SOLD OUT

Annual General Meeting Information and Registration

September 30, 2023

Subcommittee MeetingsTimeLocation
Presidents’ Meeting10am to 12pm & 1pm to 3:30pmFundy Boardroom
Coaches Meeting10am to 12pm & 1pm to 3:30pmBeausejour Room
NB Officials Committee/ Training Session10am to 12pmChamplain Room

October 1, 2023

Annual General MeetingTimeLocation
Financial Meeting9am to 10amBeausejour Room
Annual General Meeting & Elections10:15am to 12pm Beausejour Room
Board Members Only12pm to 12:30pmBeausejour Room

Club Voter Registration Form

All registered Swimming Natation NB clubs in good standing are permitted to send three (3) voting delegates to represent their club at the Annual General Meeting. Voting delegates will need to be registered with SwimNB on or before October 1, 2023 at 9am. To help SwimNB ensure all Clubs are represented, early registration is requested. Please complete the form below to identify your club delegates.

Members at large are welcome to the meeting, and may pose questions from the floor, however, will not be able to vote or make proposals at the Annual General Meeting.

AGM 2023 Delegate Registration Form

Delegate registration due on or before October 1, 2023 at 9am.

Delegates 3 club representatives for the AGM formal meeting

Name of Club President(Required)

Voting Delegate per Club

Each Club in good standing shall be entitled up to three (3) votes. Please identify all voting delegates from your club who will attend the AGM.
1st Delegate: Name(Required)
2nd Delegate: Name
3rd Delegate: Name

Board of Directors Nomination Form

Call for Nominations Deadline: Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Board of Directors is currently seeking nominations to fill 3 outstanding positions. Please complete the form below to express your intent for nominations. Nominees should be prepared to meet on the third-Thursday of each month between 6pm and 9pm, and act as representatives for SwimNB subcommittees on the behalf of the Board of Directors. The SwimNB is an active working board and all directors will be responsible for leading a portfolio.

To declare your intent to stand please complete and submit the online form below. A hardcopy declaration form is available below and may be emailed to on or before September 17, 2023.

AGM 2023 Declaration of Intent to Stand as Director

Please complete the following information, sign and date the declaration below. I confirm that: • I am at least nineteen (19) years of age, I have the power under law to contract, and I live in New Brunswick, Canada; • I am not an employee or a contract employee of Swimming Natation NB or of a SNB Member club of Swimming Natation NB; and • I am not a Board member of a Member Club of Swimming Natation NB. I consent to let my name stand for appointment to the Swimming Natation NB Board. I am aware that if appointed I will be required to resign any elected or employed position that I may hold with a Class 1 member club.

Name of Nominee(Required)
A brief profile describing your experience and qualifications to sit as a member of the Board of Directors for Swimming Natation NB. (no more than 250 words)

Award Nominations

Nominations are due on or before September 22, 2023. Late nominations cannot be considered.

Award nominations for:

  • Development Coach of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Official of the Year

AGM 2023 Awards Nomination

SwimNB will accept nominations from members at large for the following 3 acknowledgements. – Development Coach of the Year – Official of the Year – Volunteer of the Year

Who is submitting this nomination(Required)
To remain Anonymous, please enter anonymous anonymous in the first name field.
Email address is required for confirmation of submission.
Name of Award Candidate
A brief profile describing why the candidate should be presented the selected award. Description should include experience, engagement and qualifications completed during the 2022-2023 swim season. (no more than 250 words)